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Setting up a business in Germany is easy!

For you, too?

Blended Value Investing in People & Impact.

In short this means we are offering individual solutions for founding-averse circumstances. Currently we are investing time and our network contacts. Soon we will be able to offer financial ressources in order to support your founding idea.

Variety, diversity and inclusion

For us „founding-averse circumstances” define as legal and societal situations that inhibit people. People are inhibited, because they don’t correspond to the widely publicised and stereotype image of startup-founders, they lack relevant networks and therefore they usually don’t have access to financing or capital. Here, it is all about YOU! It is about people who do have good ideas and who know best why they do not found.


Our vision

….a start-up ecosystem that allows for equal and equitable decision-making for all. Every person should have the possibility to lead an economically self-determined life, have the opportunity to prepare and implement her*his start-up idea.

You are exactly right to contact us, if …

  • you are confronted by founding-averse conditions
  • you are still pre-seed, e.g. you have a concrete business idea
  • you have an innovative business model predominantly in the IT, digitalisation, social media or technology sector in general
  • your initial investment needs are pretty low for now
  • you have a very relevant reason why you do not found
  • you are an international or migrant founder.

If you are thinking „ooops, that’s me“, then our offers and services could be the right solution for you. Do contact us (hello@ventreneurs.de)! Let us know informally whatever you feel relevant to share. Besides, we are really interested to learn why you cannot found, currently. Together we will develop a strategical solution for your founding obstacles.

What is it we do differently from all the other offers in the market?

Summa summarum: We accompany human beings in so-called „founding-averse conditions“ and we enable them to start their businesses in a setting where the current system does not offer the right and relevant solutions.

WE are not funded! With our mission WE strive to meet our vision.

Our service portfolio

Our service portfolio is as varied as the individual needs of our target group: people in founding-averse circumstances.

Our most asked-for services so far have been:

  • founding empowerment (EaaS: Empowerment as a Service) – yes, we do not call it “coaching” on purpose
  • advice and project assistance for companies, public institutions, government organisations, NGOs and many more
  • strategical and operational support for crowdfunding campaigns (CFaaS: Crowdfunding as a Service)
  • C-tandem resp. co-founding especially for the large group of (female) solorpeneurs and (female) sidepreneurs

Well, what does it cost you? The clear answer to this is „that depends“!

For us, the individual situation of each founder is the basic criterium. The ensuing price list focuses those of you who have sufficient financial means at hand. Please do not hesitate to contact us in any case. One major aspect of our work is transparency. We will communicate concretely and in time as soon as we will charge you. A first interview – two hours max– is ALWAYS for free.

Subscription option „Empowerment as a Service” EaaS:

  • fixed subscription model for booking us resp. our support
  • 4 hours of our working time per month = 400 € per month (termination with a period of one day to the end of each quarter)
  • 3 hours of our working time per month = 320 € per month (termination with a period of one day to the end of each quarter)
  • booking additional sessions = 110 € per hour
  • Support for crowdfunding campaigns „Crowdfunding as a Service” CFaaS:
  • fixed price based on number of envisaged working hours


  • percentage share of raised crowdfunding amount

Is this all? No!

The next expansion stage of our services portfolio is to enable„founding in intrapreneurship“ (we call it „Ventreneurship“) offer pre-seed financing. Our aim is to take account of each founder’s individual security needs in her*his founding-averse condition. Hereby, we will remove one very relevant founding obstacle.

What exactly does this offer comprise?

  • six to twelve months of employed work for each founder (payment of a basic salary plus health and social security payments by Ventreneurs GmbH as employer)
  • one and only work assignment for employees = Ventrenees is the focused work at the founding model
  • assistance by way of classical supporting tools like mentoring, access to potential partner and client networks, access to funding and finance
  • micro-finance, mezzanine finance, Venture Capital etc.

Our aim is to establish a community capable of creating a more diverse world through system hacks, which breaks up, expands and supplements homogenous structures and systems. We promise: we are developing more support services for you. E.g. what would you think about a crowd fund system hack?

About us

We consider ourselves a startup. We have years of experience in different areas from funding instruments to startup systems and are still learning new things every day. Our mission is, in particular, to understand as well as challenge the startup-averse frameworks in various contexts. Creating solutions to fix these systemic frameworks is our goal. Like any other startup we will still go through many learning curves and the one or other pivot is not excluded. That’s why we are always grateful for your feedback.

But, what we definitely know is that not everyone can start a company right now. With Ventreneurs, you can. Write to us: hello@ventreneurs.de

Julia (she/her) und Verena (she/her) stehen nebeneinander. Zu sehen sind ihr Gesicht und ihre Oberkörper bis Brusthöhe. Sie lächeln.

Now to the „WE“

We – Julia (she/her) and Verena (she/her) – founded Ventreneurs as a startup. Our frameworks were only very slightly foundation-averse. We pass this advantage on to you through Ventreneurs.

Are the two of us alone? Yes and no. We will not accompany you alone as of course we cannot know everything and also our system-oriented perspective is inevitably limited.

Our co-shareholders Jan (he/him) and Daniel (he/him) support us in the fields of company law and IT. We are already building and establishing a more varied and diverse mentor network. For our future investment decisions process we will initiate a similarly setup advisory board.

Non-Charity but raising money!

Great that you are interested in the vision and the offers of Ventreneurs GmbH! Your first step for joint activities, because currently

at least € 33,000,000

of untapped venture capital potential exist.

We are going to change THAT!

By „overlooking“ people, the venture capital market is currently missing out on a potential of €33,000,000,000. First approaches to solve this: Distribute capital flows with existing structures (funds) and traditional processes (capital for shares) according to certain criteria (gender, nationality, etc.). Does this mean a paradigm shift? No!

Paradigm shift? That’s our task!

For two years, we have been working on the question: why don’t people start up their own business? The answer: because the system prevents them from going ahead. “Founding for all” is a nice thought, but it doesn’t exist in reality. So what do we need? System hacks.


Our system hack? VENTRENEURS.

The vision: freedom of choice for each individual without the discriminating influence of the system. Our first focus: people in foundation-averse framework conditions. Framework conditions that do not correspond to the stereotypical image of a startup founder. In other words, all of those who are attributed with lacking courage and drive, having too much need for security and are allegedly not cut out for being founders.

Not cut out for founding a business?

We see it differently. That’s what we need you for.

We are not committed to a specific form of support. We appeal to your creativity, curiosity and courage to investment and sponsoring. Because, as you will see, our business model is still expandable and can also integrate the requirements of non-profit issues.

Our investment thesis

Ventreneurs GmbH initially supports pre-seed startup models with an innovative character in the areas of IT, digitalization, social media and technology with low investment costs. The work of Ventreneurs GmbH focuses on the following target groups.


  • immigrants and people with refugee experience from EU and non-EU countries,
  • people threatened by unemployment,
  • (long-term) unemployed,
  • women in difficult life situations who want to start a business,
  • people with disabilities affected by a lack of inclusion in the labor market
  • people with chronic and/or acute illness
  • and many more.

A more detailed list can be found, for example, at Charta der Vielfalt.

In the sense of impact orientation, Ventreneurs GmbH increases the number of sustainably successful startups by diverse founding teams through its work by supporting, accompanying and financing their preparation and market entry. It thus improves the chances of a self-confident, self-determined and economically viable (working) life for this group of people.

Ventreneurs GmbH raises the untapped potential of these groups and sustainably introduces them to the economy. To achieve this goal, Ventreneurs GmbH involves the private sector in its activities at a very early stage to finance the project.

Initial successful spin-offs will create a spill-over effect for similar activities and their social and economic added value into the private sector. The future-oriented model „Ventreneurship“ is a role model for an expansion of the startup and foundation concepts as well as the appreciation of individual foundation paths.

An explicitly intended side effect of Ventreneurs GmbH’s activities is to relieve the public sector of the burden of financing integration, reintegration and inclusion measures.

It also helps to further reduce the existing funding gap in Germany for the pre-seed and seed phases.

Our Mission, Vision & Values!

The work of Ventreneurs GmbH is guided by the following guidelines:

  • We stand for the values „freedom“, „security“ and „blended value“.
  • We support „overlooked“ founders who, according to certain characteristics, are prevented from developing their potential because they find themselves in founding-averse life situations.
  • Ventreneurs GmbH attaches importance to a balanced quota of women for its target groups.
  • Ventreneurs GmbH contributes to the social, economic and societal integration and inclusion of the special target groups.
  • The focus of Ventreneurs is on identifying and supporting people with digital-sustainable startup ideas.
  • The GmbH pursues economic purposes but is committed to applying ESG criteria („Environment, Social, Governance“) and to publicly report the fulfillment of these.
  • The profits generated by Ventreneurs GmbH are essentially used for the company’s purposes.



Ventreneurs‘ mission is for everyone to be able to decide how they want to „work“ and be valued without distinction. We believe this mission can best be achieved by accomplishing the following three conditions:

  1. Greater equity in the labor market
  2. Diversifying the startup experience in terms of social status, ethnicity, gender, and origin
  3. Dissolving barriers to access to the startup scene (lack of equity as well as a need for security in terms of social protection)



Our vision is that all people are free to make their own choices. The maximum degree of freedom can only be achieved if the social, economic and political framework conditions make it possible. This results in a fundamental freedom credo:

All are free.

All people are free.

All people are free to make their decision.

All people are free to make their decision on how they want to „work“.

All people are free to make their decision how they want to „work“ – employed, founded, volunteering or self-employed.



To fulfill this vision and mission, Ventreneurs‘ actions are guided by the following values:

  • Trust
  • Eye level – always communicate at eye level with your opponent
  • Appreciation
  • Understanding – always try to put yourself in the situation of your counterpart
  • Respect for differences – we want diversity and multiple changes of perspective
  • Viewing without bias others as a “non-knowing” – Appreciate idiosyncrasies
  • Safety – In order for Ventrenees to be free, they need a sense of security
  • Blended Value


With its business model, Ventreneurs GmbH contributes to the implementation of the United Nations Social Development Goals:


SDG 5 – Gender Equality (Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls).

SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth (Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all)

SDG 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure (Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and support innovation), specifically sub-goals 9.1, 9.4, 9.5

SDG 10 – Reduce inequalities (Reduce inequalities within and between states), specifically sub-goals 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.7

SDG 17 – Partnerships and achievement of goals (strengthen means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development), especially 17.16 and 17.17